OEM & Special Requirements

NGL has been engaged in large OEM programs with multi-national companies for industrial products including with publically listed companies in USA and Europe. Applications include street lighting, exterior lighting and office lighting. Services available are OEM or Re-branding. Enquiries are welcome.

At NGL we are continually developing our range of products to suit the ever-changing needs of the built environment. Our unique experiences in both manufacturing and project development have confirmed our belief that quality counts at every level.

Initially, our intention was to create products that would guarantee security within the project and have low ownership cycle costs.

This holistic approach has led to the development of products which we have precision engineered to meet the exacting demands of the application, and the economic needs of the project.

Our aim is to remain at the forefront of our industry and our designers and technicians are working with our development team to keep us there. Whether its new innovations or new materials more suited to the environment or environmental needs, we leave nothing to chance.

So whether it’s residential, commercial, and industrial or infrastructure, we are sure that you will find what need at NGL.