NGL was founded 2008 as a JV between Nissin Precision (Japan) Est 1959 and Guanhong Magnetic Co. (China) Est 1979 as an Esco (Energy Saving Company). The business is a Privately company based in Japan, with offices in Japan, UK, Germany, China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Performance contracts have been the backbone and driving force behind our development. Simply buying off the shelf solutions did not meet our exacting requirements from day one. As result we set out to develop products and solutions that would. Until recently these products and solutions were not commercially available, but now they are.

Best in class mindset

At NGL we have developed a reputation as a global supplier of lighting and technology solutions. Initially focusing on performance contracts, we knew that R&D and production of the highest quality products and delivery of unrivalled service was our minimum aspiration. This philosophy created what we call NGL-DNA.

This DNA links every process at every level and is evident in everything we produce, and excellence comes as standard. Everything we produce is made with the belief that it is the best it can be.


At NGL we have nearly sixty years of experience and the corporate strength of two major companies at the helm. Simply bolting things together in the belief that it will be better and bigger is not a concept we understand. The philosophy behind NGL is to break the traditional barriers and think more freely.

This makes NGL a truly unique business which draws on its own experience of partnership, to create new and lasting partnerships with its own customers and clients.

We are proud of our reputation and the partnerships we create. Working from a brief is all very well, but truly understanding the needs of our customers are the keys to developing products and solutions which make the difference.

Drawing from our experiences in manufacturing and performance contracts, we have unrivalled R&D experiences and knowledge of product performance out in the field, put simply – Tried, Tested and Trusted.

Why stop there? At NGL we are always developing and testing new ideas. What suits the built environment today will often be different to the needs of tomorrow. Whilst many of the products we manufacture exceed the brief, we are always investigating new possibilities and solutions. This a process we call “the Evolution of Solutions”

Commitment to the Process

As a business which is continually adapting, we have one goal. That goal is to do what we do without compromise to quality and reputation.

This process is driven by the needs of our customers and the inspiration of our development and design team.

  • Inspire
  • Innovate
  • Design
  • Lead
In addition to our established range of products, we are also the partner of choice to help our clients to develop new products and concepts to suit the needs of their business or specific application.

We have a reputation for achieving fast and cost effective development, whilst producing products that are optimised for production and economy